Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R.)

6 June @ 8:15 pm 9:15 pm

Long before the likes of The Terminator”, “I Robot”, or “Blade Runner” captured our imaginations, Karel Čapek’s groundbreaking play “Rossum’s Universal Robots” introduced the world to the concept of the “robot.”

Join us for a captivating staged reading of Karel Čapek’s groundbreaking play, “R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots).” Written in 1920, this compelling work of science fiction introduced the world to the term “robot” and explores the complexities of artificial intelligence and the potential consequences of creating life-like machines.

Set in a factory that produces artificial people, “R.U.R.” raises thought-provoking questions about the ethics of technological advancements, humanity’s future, and the true meaning of life.

This intriguing play is sure to captivate audiences, offering a glimpse into a dystopian world that resonates with our modern-day fascination with technology and automation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a timeless masterpiece that has inspired countless works of science fiction and continues to spark important discussions about the role of technology in our lives.”

$10 – $15 $10, or $15 for both shows

Strike Theater

824 18th Ave NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418 United States
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