In 2014, Fearless Comedy Productions embarked on an ambitious and crazy idea: to produce a comedy marathon. But, not just any comedy marathon; a fifty-hour comedy marathon.

That’s right.

Fifty Hours.

In a row.

And we did!

We have since come to our senses, and while Fearless Fest (formerly Die Laughing) no longer spans fifty consecutive hours, it is still a three-day festival that features multiple genres and forms of comedic performance. The event is a fundraiser for Fearless Comedy Productions, and accounts for almost half of our annual budget. Performers from both within and outside of our company not only present various comedy acts, but participate in audience-funded challenges that contribute to our grand total at the end of the marathon. We feel so fortunate to be able to host an event of this type in our own community. Acts include: stand-up comedy, improv, musical acts, joke-offs, dance, educational content, live recordings of podcasts, and on and on. We rely on a small army of volunteers to fill hundreds of hours of shifts needed to run the logistics of this event, ranging from checking in outside performers, running a silent auction, administering well-deserved rewards (and punishments, too), stage management, and box office.

Our comedy festival is streamed live in its entirety, and audience members can make donations from home as well. Streaming happens at our website dedicated solely for the event.

For more information, or to watch/donate during the event, visit the Fearless Fest website.