Masquerade at Bernard’s: The Shakespearean Weekend at Bernie’s

Original Production Date: Autumn 2016

When two lowly bookkeepers are invited to their lord’s lavish estate over a holiday they leap at the chance, only to discover that the would-be host has died. But why should any of that get in the way of having a merry time? Richard and Lawrence put on a ridiculous charade convincing everyone their boss is still alive in hopes that they can find merriment, love, celebration, and perchance keep from being murdered themselves. Inspired by the 80’s comedy Weekend at Bernie’s, Masquerade at Bernard’s gives a classical Shakespearean update to this quasi-modern farce.

Cast and Crew

Writers: Duck Washington and Brian Watson-Jones
Director: Duck Washington
Stage Managers: Jessi Goins and Tess Kean
Costume Designer: Carla Mantel
Set/Prop Designer: Scott Gilbert and Corinna Knepper Troth
Lighting Designer: Ariel Leaf
Sound Designer: Duck Washington

Matt Allex
Dan Britt
Rachel Flynn
Trevor Hartman
Lauren Haven
Phil Henry
Matt Kelly
Tara Lucchino
Mickaylee Shaughnessy