What would happen if you put a bunch of comedians on a stage that have no idea what they’re about to do? Introducing Double-Blind Improv, a show where you never know what might happen, because neither do we.

Here’s how it works.

The comedians know they’re about to perform in a series of short-form improv games… and that’s it. Not only is the set of performers for each game randomly chosen from a hat, but the games themselves are randomly selected. Anything could happen, but it’ll probably be pretty darn funny.

Fearless Comedy Productions wants you to be a test subject for its hilarious experiments. We have a selection of comedy bits that needs an audience, and you’re invited to be our human guinea pigs!

​Sometimes, the only way to know what can be funny is to be fearless and experiment live on the Fearless Lab stage! You will not want to miss this risky venture from your favorite Fearless performers.