Our History…

Founded in July of 2012, Fearless Comedy Productions started when Tim Wick (who would become the first Artistic Director) had an idea: to work with partner companies to encourage and promote risk-taking comedy in the Twin Cities. He spoke with other Twin Cities performers about the idea and started having meetings with people interested in his concept. Together, these twelve people built a production company that offers support and resources to help develop new and chancy comedy without trying to limit the abilities and expression of those involved.

Fearless’ opening production was Stop Talking: A Game of Talking, co-produced with Rooftop Theater Company for the 2012 MN Fringe Festival. Based on the British game show “Just a Minute”, players were given one minute to talk about a topic without hesitating, deviating or repeating words. True to the nature of the company, Fearless put together the risky improv show in just two weeks, calling out to partners and friends of Fearless to fill the five shows. Many Fearless founding members performed in the successful venture, along with such guest stars as Joseph and Sara Scrimshaw, Bill and Sharon Stiteler, Mike Fotis, Dawn Krosnowski, and Aric McKewn.

Fearless is different from other production companies. As a conglomeration of several theatrical partners housed under one production company we are able to provide events with a large pool of talent to fit a specific event’s needs. Our partners are also able to produce shows and events with limited or no assistance from Fearless, expanding the amount and variety of productions available to people outside of the Fearless network. There is also a sharing of resources and networks within Fearless, broadening the abilities and scope of each individual partner while strengthening the core of Fearless Comedy Productions.

Mission Statement

Fearless Comedy Productions (Fearless) encourages, empowers, and educates new artists and existing talents, and explores the limits of comedy while striving to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. Fearless is dedicated to helping these voices reach an audience in the artistic community.

Vision Statement

At Fearless, we believe comedy should never be scary; it should be fearless.