Murder on the Mississippi: The Roaring Twenties

Original Production Date: Summer 2017

It is Saint Paul in the 1920’s. Prohibition is in full force and the city has become a sanctuary for Chicago gangsters looking to escape the violence of their own city for a time. The rules are clear: Chicago gangsters don’t kill each other in Saint Paul. Tommy Callaghan is a mid-level liquor runner from Saint Paul. He’s made enough money as a middle man shipping booze to his contact in Illinois and he’s used it to buy a riverboat where he sells booze and encourages some friendly card playing. He’s invited some of his friends to join him on the boat this evening but there’s one problem: One of his friends is angry about something. Angry enough to kill. As passengers board the boat, they will learn a murder has taken place and their host, Tommy Callaghan won’t be present for the evening. They will have ninety minutes to figure out what happened before they arrived and who is to blame. Presented by Fearless Comedy Productions, Mystery on the Mississippi will integrate information about the river, gangster lore of the 1920’s, and even structures on shore that were present in the time period as part of a comedic murder mystery where the audience is the detective.

Cast and Crew

Writers: Tim Wick and Eric Thompson
Director: Duck Washington
Stage Manager: Megan Slawson
Costume Designer: CJ Mantel

Matt Allex
Garrick Dietze
Angela Fox
Kelvin Hatle
Lauren Haven
Dawn Krosnowski
Jason Krueger
Lana Rosario