The Riddle of the Mummy

Original Production Date: Autumn 2018

The Mummy is dead, again, and his closest friends and enemies gather for what they hope is their long awaited payday at his garish Egyptian-themed estate. They are annoyed to find the night will be the furthest thing from simple when an annoying sphinx complicates the will reading. Petty squabbles emerge between fish and vampires, a monster finds love, all while a nosey reporter tries to get a story at any cost.

Cast and Crew

Producers: Nathan Gerber and Megan Slawson
Writer: Megan Slawson
Director: Lauren Haven
Stage Manager: Jenn Jensen
Lighting Designer: Salsa Sterling
Sound Designer: Stephen Moeller
Makeup Designer: Andrea Ropella
Composer and Lyricist: Angela Fox
Music Director: Angela Fox

Alison Anderson
Brynn Berryhill
Nathan Kelly
Dave Rand-McKay
Phil Schramm
Salsa Sterling
Bryn Tanner
Maretta Zilic