Fearless Five: Noir

Original Production Date: Winter 2019

Fearless Five is the annual short play festival produced by Fearless Comedy Productions. We are thrilled to give five writers, five directors, and a brilliant multi-tasking cast of six the opportunity to work in a group to hone their existing talents and culminate new skills. This year’s theme is Noir.

production crew

Stage Manager: Jenn Jensen

Alison Anderson
Michael Bloom
Madeleine Farley
Lily Noonan
Dave Rand-McKay
Boo Segersin

The Job

Cast and Crew

Writer: Tim Wick
Director: Tom S Tea

Medium Murphy: Gumshoe

Cast and Crew

Writer: Aiden Milligan
Director: James Fairbairn

Happy Schecter: Positive PI

Cast and Crew

Writer: Kelvin Hatle
Director: Jena Young

Uber Driver

Cast and Crew

Writer: Cara White
Director: Megan Slawson

The Crime of the Century

Cast and Crew

Writer: David Walbridge
Director: Jason Krueger