Murder on the Mississippi: Antebellum

Original Production Date: Summer 2019

Developed in Conjunction with the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, this period mystery is set on a riverboat on the Mississippi. It’s 1856 and traffic on the Mississippi River has reached an all-time high. Competition from the rail industry is increasing every year. Immigrants are moving north to the Minnesota Territory and the young towns of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Board the Jonathan Padleford riverboat as it travels up the river from St. Louis and help stop a crime before it happens. Experience the diversity of the population that called the Mississippi river home during the mid 1800’s and figure out who the killer is to save someone from murder!

Cast and Crew

Writers: Eric Thompson and Tim Wick
Director: Duck Washington
Assistant Director: Megan Slawson
Costume Designer: CJ Mantel

Jason Kruger
Mahmoud Hakima
Alison Anderson
Samuel Salvador Osborne-Huerta
Dawn Krosnowski
Garrick Dietze
Angela Fox
Becci Schmidt