Much Ado About Nothing

Original Production Date: Spring 2022

Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies and forces two of his snarkiest characters, Beatrice and Benedick, to go head to head. Come see as they both navigate all of the trappings of wit and love!

Cast and Crew

Director: Duck Washington
Stage Managers: Megan Slawson and Tess Kean
Music and Choreography: Angela Fox
Set: Tim Wick
Lights: Steffen Moeller
Costumes CJ Mantel
Fight and Intimacy Choreography: H. Ashley

Suzanne Victoria Cross
Philip Henry
William Edson
Nicole Laurenne
Tyler Stamm
Lana Rosario
Molly Glover
Audrey Parry
Caleb Cabiness
Eliana Meyerowitz
Kelvin Hatle
Gillian Constable
Jason Kruger
Michael Bloom
Eric Thompson
Phil Schramm
Mackenzie Diggins
Bryce Kalal