Mystery on the Mississippi: Lock and Dam

Original Production Date: Summer 2022

Tony Hughes has a problem. He’s dead and he doesn’t know who killed him. Can you help him?

Fearless Comedy Productions , Mississippi Park Connection , and the National Park Service invite audiences to help solve a mystery as old as the lock itself*. Travel back to the grand opening of the Upper St. Anthony Falls lock in 1963, with the majestic Mississippi River and Minneapolis skyline as a living backdrop. Audience members will participate in an interactive performance that traverses the entire 49-foot-tall lock as they try to unravel the mystery of an unsolved murder. A guide will help audience members move around the lock as they witness moments from long ago and learn about St. Anthony Falls and the lock and dam.

*The event presented is fictional. Performance experience is approximately 45 minutes long.

Cast and Crew

Writers: Tim Wick and Eric Thompson
Director: Duck Washington
Assistant Director: Megan Slawson
Costumes: CJ Mantel

Mahmoud Hakima
Michael Bloom
Kelvin Hatle
James Fairbairn
Dawn Krosnowski
Jhax Berryhill
Zach Kulzer
Angela Fox